Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Solution For YOU To Get Unblock from UniFi TM Net

It's true that UniFi recently hunting down a lot of sites, torents, warez, porno, downloading sites, some china sites, Korean and even some political websites.

Well I'm not surprise because it's their job to attain the ecomony from preventing people downloading warez and stuff without spending real money.

But that's unfair for us, I have plenty of favorite site I love to access and it's now blocked!


But no worries, I have a little trick for you to unblock any websites, no matter is warez or anything. Have you heard of HideMyAss? It is a VPN software that connect to a server then to website.

Instead of connecting to UniFi then website, which gives them the right to block.

We are now connecting to UniFi then HideMyAss then Website.

Which blurred the image to UniFi to detect the destination we're on.
Because most site blocked was actually caused by country law.

Also not to mention HideMyAss support plenty of country, which mean for some website that only allow US, we can connect US server with HideMyAss.

It's pretty cheap if we calculate in long term for accessing our favorite site we wish to.
We will only to pay RM30 each month(highest amount), RM12 per month as for minimum cheap

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